Jake is an environmental leader. For over ten years he has confronted social and environmental challenges in the Dominican Republic as Vice President of Grupo Puntacana’s Corporate Environmental programs. Under his leadership, the company has received nearly every existing sustainability award: The World Tourism Travel Council “Tourism for Tomorrow” award. The Conde Nast Traveler “World Saver’s Award.” The Travel & Leisure “Global Vision” award and the National Geographic Traveler “Leader in Sustainable Tourism Award.”

Jake is a sustainability innovator. As Vice President of the Grupo Puntacana Foundation, he has led creative projects that make Dominican tourism more competitive and environmentally sustainable. He helped pioneer one of the Caribbean’s largest coral reef restoration projects. He helped design and implement Zero Waste, the DR’s largest integrated solid waste program. He directs the Center for Sustainability, a think tank that works with some of the world’s best universities to conduct research and devise experiments related to sustainable development.

Jake is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. After completing his Master’s thesis from Cornell University about deforestation in the DR, he co-directed and produced “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” a feature length documentary film that investigates a Dominican park ranger’s gruesome murder and unfolds into a larger exploration of illegal Dominican-Haitian charcoal trafficking, mass deforestation and escalating human conflict on the border.

Jake is a thought-leader. He has helped organize and presents regularly at conventions, symposia and meetings and has keynoted several international conferences, including Tedx Santo Domingo. He shares the Grupo Puntacana Foundation’s unique projects with distinguished visitors and press on guided visits. For the last 10 years Jake has written a monthly environmental column, La Pagina Verde, in the Dominican Spanish-language newspaper Hoy. He has been published in the Harvard Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies journal “ReVista” and other academic journals and popular media. He serves on the board of half a dozen environmental associations and foundations and is currently the Vice President of the National Network of Businesses in Support of Environmental Protection (ECORED) in the Dominican Republic.

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